Love Is....

Love Is....

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Denver Docs

Last time I went to Denver for my doctors' appointments, it was a disaster.  So, this time, I invited my friend Jennifer ( with BeeHaven Roadside Market).  I drove through some fog to get to her house this morning.  She is from Colorado so she drove which was awesome!  It is so nice to have someone who knows where they are going, especially when I have appointments to make.  We had a nice day chatting and driving.

My first appointment was with my doctor who is really happy with my progress and has released me now at 9 months post-op.  Praises!  The hard part of this appointment was that he told me it would be best if I stuck with the 5K race moving forward.  This struck me hard, really hard, but it is not the end of the world.  I am truly grateful that I found an excellent, caring surgeon.

My next appointment was my therapy with ProAxis.  I had a new therapist today who was awesome and I hope to continue my work with her.  She gave me a new set of exercises and said that I really need to continue my PT.  I need to hit it much harder than I have to strengthen back up my hip/core.  Since I have been swimming and biking, I have not hit the PT as hard.  Time to change that!  Excited to be getting stronger!

After my appointments, it worked out perfectly that we could meet up with Jennifer's daughter at her college in Denver.  We sat out at a table on her beautiful campus watching the clouds roll by.  I think we left at perfect timing because we just missed a huge downpour on our route home.  Everything was soaked, God's timing is perfect!  Thank you for protecting us and getting me home safely to my husband and children!

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