Love Is....

Love Is....

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Day 1 of Local Route

When I got home from TLC tonight, none of my boys were home yet.  Luckily, I had done a crockpot meal so it could be ready whenever.  As soon as Justin and Andrew rolled in, they asked me if one friend could come over to eat.  The story behind this invite was that this boy's girlfriend had dump him and he  was so upset that he hadn't eaten in days.  Reluctantly, I said yes.  I was so happy we had just finished a conversation about once school starts, friends would not be coming over during the week nights.  This summer was awful for that.  There was somehow always an emergency situation where the boys couldn't call to let us know a mob of kids were coming not get me wrong, I like having kids over because we can provide them with something they do not have at home.  We like to use it as a ministry, listening to the kids and trying to be the positive in their lives.  However, the problem with this summer was that there was not any respect for our family nor theirs.  Honesty, I do not think that the kids' parents had a clue where they were, which is really sad.  There was even one night Heath did not get to eat supper with the rest of us because of our unexpected guest and I had not prepared enough food.  As newly weds, this is extremely hard to swallow.  I thought I was doing well to prepare the crockpot and set the table before heading off to work.  What do you do?  We just moved on with our family prayer and ate what was on the table without a making it into a scene.  I was very hurt for not providing properly, but Heath always humbles me.  He is such a good man!

Long story short, tonight, I gave permission for one friend to come over so we could help him out.  Before too long, I had six teenagers sitting in our living room.  What happened to the one friend?  Well, he was there, so was his ex-girlfriend and then one other boy and girl.  So random?!!!!!  Are you kidding me?  How did this happen?  Justin said that the one boy could come over and then he showed up with all those people AND his ex?!  The boy didn't even want to eat.  Heath was not home yet from his route yet and I was getting worried about him and stressed about all these kids that were in my house.  When he called again, he was ready for me to pick him up in Gering.  He had a flat tire on his semi and needed a ride home.

I left to pick Heath up with all these kids in the living room.  It was a horrible feeling knowing that my husband was coming home from a long day at work and he wasn't even going to be able to relax because I had (somehow) managed to have all these people over.  AHH!!!!

When we got home, I was warming Heath's supper up and one of the girls hollers from the other room, "Kinsey, are you cooking?!"  Really?!  I had already offered the boy with the broken heart food which he politely declined and now his ex-girlfriend had the audacity to ask?  I replied, "Yes, I am making food for my husband.  Do you need something?"  I was hoping that she would get the hint as she was sitting on the couch.  I think she did.

After Heath finished his supper up, way after 9 pm at this point, he was able to politely ask for Justin to ask his friends to leave, it was a school night.  Again, a very nice man.

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