Love Is....

Love Is....

Monday, August 4, 2014

Happy Birthday Justin!

We went to church as a family yesterday and then we headed out to the Bridgeport Lake for Justin's 17th birthday party.  For his birthday celebration, we gave him the option of either Water World in Denver or the spending the night at the lake.  After a few days of the plan being Water World, he decided that the Lake would be more fun.  :)  So, after church Heath and I finished up some packing and met Justin and Shayne at the lake.  On our drive to the lake, I got to have a good chat with Andrew.

Justin and Shayne already had their camp all established, so Heath and I headed down the beach a little ways and set up our little, yellow two man tent.  It was within 5 feet of the water by a cove.  So beautiful!

We hung out with the kids and played in the water and then made brats and hot dogs and s'mores over the campfire.  Once the sun started going down, we headed for our campsite with our dogs.  The dogs had a blast!  They just absolutely love water!  Since they had been swimming all day, we decided the two man tent wasn't enough room for both of us plus another 150 pounds of wet, sandy, stinky dog.  They 'slept' outside our tent on the beach.  I do not know how much sleep they actually got because they were fishing all night, mainly Briggs.

The water looked like glass beneath the glow of the summer moon.  With this, Briggs used it to his advantage.  He could see all the small schools of minnows swimming underneath the water and he would then proceed to pounce on them.  I think he had a hard time containing his enthusiasm as we could hear him splash in the water every 5 minutes or so.  Easy entertainment!  Oh, the life of a dog, privileged dogs as Dad calls them!

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