Love Is....

Love Is....

Sunday, September 21, 2014


Heath and I went to church this morning.  After church, his folks came out and we ate a nice Sunday dinner and took a Sunday nap.  Then started working around the farm.

Early evening, just before dark, I was out on the mower in the corrals getting the grass knocked down for the last time before winter.  Before I knew it Garry was on his way out to the corrals.  I slowed the mower, shut off the blades, and turned off the engine.  I thought he was just going to say goodbye.  Turns out he was coming over to bring me very sad news.  Off of the mower I went and ran over to the pickup.  When I got there, I just kept going until I found Heath over in the tree row bent over a small almost lifeless little body.  Our little Puddin' cat had been through the fan on Heath's pickup.  When I arrived on this tragic scene, I could hear his short labored breaths as he was curled around in a tight ball.  Through a massive stream of tears, I told Heath to just put him down.  I could not stand to see him laboring for each breath and being in so much pain.  Little Man did not respond to us even being there.  Heath gently got up from our precious little kitten and walked me to the house.  He told me to go inside and wait.  Bawling by this point I sat down on the couch with my ears plugged, not wanting to hear anything.  Knowing that I didn't want him to suffer, did not make it any easier to say goodbye.  Just a part of our lives for such a short time, he found his way into all of our hearts (the dogs included)!

I sat there and waited and cried and waited and cried.  I finally went to take a look out the the window and did not see Heath or the kitten under those trees.  He must be preparing the kitten to be buried, I thought.  I walked over to my phone and I saw a missed call from Heath.  I called him back immediately.  He told me that they decided to take the kitten to the vet.  I lost it again blubbering out something like, "We cannot afford a vet bill, just please don't let him suffer."  Heath said that his dad was graciously taking care of the bill for us since he is the one that decided they needed to go to the vet.  Wow, what I mess I was.

When Heath got home, he didn't have the kitten.  Sadly, I looked at him and he said the vet had given the kitten a shot that would ease any pain he was having and they would see how he does overnight.  Garry would check back in the morning.  SO SAD!  I was an absolute mess, knowing that I couldn't handle the results given to me at work.  We decided they would not tell me anything about the kitten, either way, until I return home from work tomorrow night.


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