Love Is....

Love Is....

Monday, September 8, 2014

Day with Heath!

I hit the pool this morning early because Heath was home to get the boys off to school.  I went to get groceries for the week and met him at the Courthouse to get his DOT paperwork completed and our trailer licensed.  He went to Walgreens and I went to the bank to get my last piece of paperwork notarized for work.  Funny story…I got to talking to the woman that notarized it for me and realized that I swim with her husband almost every day that I swim.  She was actually at the pool this morning watching her husband for a little while.  I totally know who he is and I could tell you what time he arrives and that he is flip turns and is a great swimmer and that we both typically close down the pool, so I was relieved for her to tell me his name!  At this point, I should know it, but I am horrible with names.  We got to talking and she said that he could possible give me some tips on where to get swim workouts.  Small world!

When I got home, I unloaded groceries and made some smoothies for the week.  Last night we had talked about possibly going to Cheyenne today to get my bikes fit and all checked out.  When Heath got home, he loaded up the truck with my bikes and off we went to Cheyenne for a day out together.

We dropped off all three of my bikes to get tuned up.  It has been years since I have had anything done with my mountain bike and the cross bike was my dad's.  I really wanted to get fit on the road by Kristin is letting me use.  The guy that fits the bikes was not there, so Heath and I left the bikes to get worked on while we went to lunch and then shopping.

We ate at IHop and I had some really good blueberry grain and nut pancakes and Heath had an awesome steak burrito with a stack of pancakes!  Next, we headed to do some shopping.  Heath found a tool box for his socket set since his is broken and he keeps loosing the pieces.  I was able to find a swim cap since mine are very old and one broke a couple of weeks ago.

When we got back to the bike store the bikes were done and they introduced us to Patrick, the bike fitter and shop owner.  Great guy!  Pastor Wayne actually recommended for us to go see him and I am so glad we did.  He took us into a special room designed just for fitting bikes.  He put my bike on a stand and started measuring.  We had a great conversation with him and just took in all of his knowledge.  He is definitely an inspiration as he was paralyzed for a short bit after a bad car accident.  He has owned his bike shop for over 30 years and since 1998 has not been able to ride a bike.  Do you know what he is thankful for?  That he can hug is wife and kids!  Thank you Lord for this reminder!

My road bike feels so much better now that it is all adjusted and has a new seat and my yellow handles.  It is amazing what just a few things can do.  Heath and I talked about riding bikes together.  We are excited about our new venture!

Wearing something new!

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