Love Is....

Love Is....

Friday, September 19, 2014

Lingle-Fort Laramie

Heath came and picked me up from work today.  He was a little distressed as he spent a little more time working than he expected, just to help his customers.  #1 in my heart.  I hope they know what a great hire they have!

We headed over to Lingle-Fort Laramie for the Friday night Football Game.  Heath and I stopped at Burger King in Torrington for some supper.  Heath loves Burger King, so that is usually the default when we are in the area.  Barb and Garry met us there and we all sat in the bleachers right behind our team's bench.  It was a very different experience, up close and personal.  You could just hear all the banging of helmets and the words of the players calling the plays out loud.  You could see the mosquitoes swarming the lights and feel the intensity of the game.

Once we were seated, a really fun lady came and sat by us, entertaining us the whole time!  It was fun!  By the way, she lives in an underground house, how fascinating!  She invited us to come see someday!

Andrew stayed back as he had his first team dinner for his cross country meet in Alliance tomorrow morning.

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