Love Is....

Love Is....

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Quick, Cover the Garden

Tonight, when Heath got home, we started gathering blankets and picking the garden.  With the freeze coming soon, we wanted to be prepared.  We rummaged through the garage and found blankets, curtains, a sleeping bag and whatever else we could find to help keep our plants warm through these next few cold nights.

Heath also picked quite a few peppers.  Among those he picked were, from left to right, the angry jalapeño, jalapeño, serrano, ghost pepper, Carolina reaper, and a garden salsa.  The ghost and Carolina should not even be touched without gloves.  I took a bunch of these to work so that other people could enjoy them too!  It was really fun sharing because they really appreciated it!  :)

Carolina Reaper on your left and Ghost Pepper on your right.

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