Love Is....

Love Is....

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Monument Marathon

I had a relaxing evening last night with Puddin’ and the dogs.  We just played some fetch and kept the kitty quiet and comfortable.  It was a nice morning this morning.  I got a text about 4 am from Heath stating that they had all made it all the way to Lincoln.  WOW, a 6 or 7 hour drive from Gordon/Rushville after the football game.  They had stopped at Pizza Hut for dinner and then hit the road.  The boys were asleep pretty quickly.  (That is my method for travel as the trip goes way faster!)

Hi Daddy!  We *miss* you and*love* you!

Heath had a great idea for me.  Today, is the Monument Marathon and my friends are running it.  I told Tricia that I would take her kids to see her and Tim finish.  This morning, I went over to pickup the kids from their house and head over to the finish line.  Lots of runners everywhere and an absolutely beautiful day ahead.  Quite emotional about watching the runners, we watched for Mama and Tim.  While we were waiting, we ran into Kristin’s beautiful little girl with her daddy waiting for Mommy to finish.  Such an exciting thing to watch all these kids learn how important fitness is to their mamas who are setting such a great example for them.

After the race, Tim and Tricia invited me over for the post-race breakfast.  It was wonderful to gather with them and meet some new people from 21st Century.  What a great morning!

The rest of the afternoon, I hung out around the house, in the garden, and with our animals.  I really enjoyed my day.

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