Love Is....

Love Is....

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Farmer's Market and Saturday

We got home about 12:30 am last night and got up this morning to head to Market.  It was nice at our house this morning when we left, but it was overcast as we drove toward the Monument.  When we got there, there really wasn’t a space reserved for us, so we had to squeeze in between a couple of booths.  We made it work as Heath helped me set up.  He left to go rent a machine to work on the barn.  He was back pretty quickly.  I so like when he is with me; we always do better when he is there.  We were right next to the Stryia Bakery from Denver.  It smelled SOO good!  We were slow, but the rain held off!  At the end of Market, the guy next door offered us some bread for 50% off!  I got a whole wheat, multigrain bread.  YUMMY!  Next week, the white chocolate, mint, lemon bread is on my list!

We returned the equipment to Home Depot and grabbed a few things from Walmart.  When we got home, I was exhausted and decided to take the afternoon off.  Heath was determined to work on his barn, so I got to write while he worked on the barn.  Beautiful day!  I eventually went outside and blogged under the tree in the back on a blanket with my doggies and kitty.

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