Love Is....

Love Is....

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Answer to Prayers

For those of you who are on the edge of your seat wondering about our little friend, the glory is to God!  Please see picture below and read if you are interested in hearing the rest of the story.

Monday, I got home from work and found that Jasper was not home.  Half expecting him to be laying down on some blankets when I got there, he was not.  This meant one of two things....he was still in the vet recovering or he did not make it through the night.  Not wanting really to know the answer when Heath got home, it was the first question out of my mouth.  He told me that Little Man was still at the vet and they were not very hopeful.  They gave him drugs to ease the pain and slow his labored breathing.  He was on fluids and antibiotics and he was resting.  Knowing Dr. Robbins had him in good hands, we prayed for him.  Tiny, Heath's aunt, was a super prayer warrior like always.

Early on in the week Garry went to visit him at the clinic, Pioneer Animal Hospital.  He gave us a report after his visit:  kitty was quiet and resting.  Vets doing their best, but still told us not to get our hopes up.

Wednesday, I finally got up the nerve to go visit him.  When I got there, he was eating canned cat food off of a flat lid.  He was sitting and eating, but it was a very strange scene seeing him there because he had his IV in and was really getting messy with the food.  He was awkwardly trying to eat the food, but also grasping the edge of the lid with his teeth almost like he could not see it.  They broke the news to me as they thought he was going to be blind.  I got to hold him and talk to him and they said that was the calmest he had been with someone holding him.  I think he recognized me.

All head trauma and no broken bones, punctured lungs, or gashes.  Lucky little guy.  When I was in there, the girls finally put together the who story.  I had just had the kitten in for the last round of kitten shots a month or so before but Heath and Garry brought him into emergency Sunday night.  The girls just couldn't figure out the whole story behind this big older gentleman coming in and talking to this tiny cat.  When they found out the cat belonged to me, it all made sense.  They told me that I had a great father-in-law!  So sensitive to this little guy's life.

Today, was the day for him to go home!  After work, I stopped by to pick him up.  They sent him home on oral steroids for several days.  I prepared the house this morning to bring home this blind cat.  I set up the big dog kennel next to the dog beds.  I put in some towels, a litter box, food, and water.  I knew we would have to keep things consistent so that he could find them each time by feel not sight.

The dogs were so excited to see Puddin' again.  I told them to be very careful with him as he had gotten really frail at the vets office over the past four days.  Kitty was walking around like none and out of the dogs' legs....happy to be home.

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