Love Is....

Love Is....

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday Birthday Celebrations

Last night, we went over to Barb and Garry's.  Heath and the boys went to help with the cattle and I went on a bike ride to allow them some bonding time together.  I had a great ride as it was an absolutely beautiful evening.  So F~A~L~L!  I had a flat tire, but it was ok, Heath came and rescued me!

Heath had made some chili.  Well, he actually made two different pots, one HOT and one SWEET.  He used one of those crazy looking Carolina Reapers in the HOT chili.  I mixed the two and it was absolutely delicious!  Thank you honey!  After cows, bike ride, and supper, we started watching the Nebraska football game and sorting through Heath's old newspaper clippings and awards.  It was really neat taking a look into his past and what shaped him into the man he is today.

Beautiful Day!

We went to church and then had Tiny and Barb's birthday celebration at our house.  Andrew made two cakes yesterday for the occasion.  He is taking a home economics type class this year and has really taken it seriously.  He made an angel food cake and then a white cake.  He did a great job.  Heath made a roast with all fresh veggies from our bountiful harvest.

As Heath is working on the barn, I am working on gathering all the last minute details for our art display at the Harms Technology Center.  There will be a Business After Hours on Thursday, October 16th, 2014 at the Harms Center to recognize all the artists.  We would like you all to join if you can!  They will be displaying six of our pieces (below) on the walls of their college and they will also be for sale.  We are pretty excited about this opportunity!

Checking color.  Looks rustic, LIKE it!

We have canvas and metal mediums for our photography and then three pieces of horseshoe art. 

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