Love Is....

Love Is....

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Night Off

Beautiful sunrise this morning!

Tonight is our only night off because we are going to a movie with the boys for our Bible study tomorrow night, I get to be a football mom Thursday night, and we will be traveling for football and cross country on Friday night.

Heath and I took the evening off.  The boys switched nights for supper at their grandparents, Tuesday for Wednesday, so they could go to the movie with us tomorrow night.  When I got home, Heath was working away at creating some awesome new horseshoe art in the garage for Market on Saturday.  I put together supper, we ate together, then I started writing.

When the kids got home, Andrew was super excited about his new cross country jersey.  A friend of his designed it and they were brand new.  He came home and proudly showed us that he got to have one too, even as J.V.!

Go Mitchell Tigers!

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