Love Is....

Love Is....

Friday, September 26, 2014

Football Weekend!!

After work, Heath loaded up and headed into town to meet with Andrew to head up north to Gordon/Rushville to watch Justin play football.  I stayed behind to take care of our little kitty who just got out of the hospital yesterday.  It was perfect timing that my boss told me to go home just a few minutes early.  I called Heath to see if they had left yet and he said they were at Maverick getting gas.  He asked if I would mind stopping to grab them something quick from McDonalds.  No problem, I would stop and grab some food from the drive-thru  I was so happy that I would get to see them again before they left for the Illini—Nebraska game in Lincoln!  So, through the drive-thru I went.  5 McDoubles was my order.  It felt like it took forever, just because I knew they were waiting for me.

When I arrived at the gas station, there they were, waiting for me.  I happily went to give Heath and Andrew some “dinner.”  (I don’t do fast food, but I knew that they would enjoy it on this special occasion.)  Hugs and kisses and we parted ways!

A few minutes later my phone rang.  Heath called and asked me if I had him on a diet.  WHAT?!  I was very confused until he told me they only got two small sandwiches and some fries.  Now, they have a long 2+ hour drive to Gordon/Rushville without anything between here and there.  I felt sooo bad because it hadn’t even occurred to me to double-check the order once I received it.  (Again, not a connoisseur of fast food, it wasn’t even a thought through my head!)  So, we laughed about it and he said that they would survive. 

Pretty upset about losing my money and not properly taking care of my family, I went back to McDonalds and asked for my money back.  They tried giving me sandwiches too, but I kept telling her that the boys would have liked to have the sandwiches and now they are gone.  Regardless, she insisted on giving me sandwiches I knew I would not eat.  Not wanting to waist food, I turned around and gave them to a guy in line behind me for which he was grateful.

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